Where we are

The Cragus Group is headquartered in Dubai and maintains a Middle East & African (MEA) Network of trusted independent law firms, accounting firms, and tax advisers of high professional reputation developed over the last 10 years. The Group and network first began in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, later spreading across the Arabian Gulf, and now stretches across most of the MEA region. Much of our expansion was forced upon us by our clients (particularly within the Oil & Gas sector) who wanted us to work with them in unlocking new markets.

Currently, we also maintain representative offices in Kuwait, Nigeria, and Oman. Though our greater network means that where required, we can often provide local support across much of the Middle East and Africa, and even in a few locations further afield. Many of our correspondents also maintain their own offices across the region, Much of our leadership team are often travelling overseas on a regular basis to serve our clients’ needs, both within the region and outside.

Whilst it can be very challenging to find an independent tax adviser in many of the MEA countries, we have often sourced strong expertise within the accounting and legal industry who can assist us in delivering the advice or guidance that our clients require. In many of the emerging markets, it is crucial to have a person locally with an established reputation and integrity who can approach local authorities to have a direct but honest dialogue, particularly in situations where international clients are trying to do sophisticated transactions that simply do not fit into the existing legislation.

All of the Cragus client work goes through at least one of the leadership team, and there is a constant striving to ensure that our quality of advice remains high. Whilst most of the work goes through our Dubai office, our network provides a crucial aspect in giving us boots on the ground for both doing things locally, and for obtaining information from, or maintaining dialogue with, local authorities.