Insight & experience

The pool of talent within the Group draws experience from a range of diverse backgrounds, nationalities and professions, united by the common purpose of bridging the gap in corporate tax and advisory services needed in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). Our experience of doing business in the region, dates back more than 25 years, and covers service to some of the world’s largest multinationals and also includes extensive high level experiences at governmental levels. Most of our leadership team have previously served in-house, and therefore bring with them industry experience and both a desire and an ability to provide pragmatic advice. Industry knowledge spans from as far apart as energy to media.

The diverse expertise and experience allows us to serve clients in a far more capable manner. Each client is unique, as is their place in the market, and we support our clients accordingly. Through understanding our clients’ businesses, we are more efficient and effective not only in providing advice, but in implementing solutions, rather than simply giving generic answers or offering prepared packages.

The array of backgrounds and history within the Group allows us to draw upon a huge spectrum of networks and contacts regionally and internationally and to serve our clients’ needs in the best and most effective manner. As an independent firm, we are not bound by exclusive affiliations or networks, and are consequently free to utilise the best resource for each individual case, client or task.

Our tax advisers have detailed and intimate knowledge of domestic tax rules in MEA, and international tax strategies, with the drive and determination to ensure complexities are simplified and tax issues are clarified.

We have a track record of pragmatic and integrated tax advice to businesses and governments. We deliver creative and innovative solutions to what is otherwise perceived as insurmountable tax and regulatory issues.

Underpinning the above is our uniquely strong local touch across the region.