Our client approach

Our key strength is our ability to understand our clients’ businesses. It is ultimately in our understanding of what our clients want or are aiming to achieve that will allow us to deliver maximum value. The wider our understanding, the more angles we can view resulting in focused and relevant advice. Above all, we recognize that each client has differing needs; our deliverables always reflect the uniqueness of our clients’ businesses.

Whilst many clients know what they require, others come to us with a complex series of issues seeking solutions that require creative, fresh or “out-of-the-box thinking”. We seek to find best-practice solutions for our clients, and aim to provide a consistency in high quality advice throughout all areas and service lines within the Group.

By working together with our clients, we are able to use all our combined conviction, experience and knowledge to develop solutions and implement the required course of action. The wide array of experience and skill-sets residing within the Group, means that our clients benefit from a truly unique resource base that is able to serve the needs of the most complex and sensitive projects. The fact that most of our leadership team have served in-house, differentiates us from most of our competitors. This, and the fact that we are an independent consulting firm, means that we are willing and able to provide honest and pragmatic advice to clients. It is this will and ability that enables us to perform comfortably in areas such as tax controversy, where unfortunately much of the region’s tax market is served by audit firms who constantly find themselves in a rather delicate position.

Our client relationships are built on trust and value. In delivering effective results, we balance the client’s short-term needs with their long-term objectives. We recognize our responsibility to ensure that we implement the correct strategy through from beginning to end, whilst maintaining a clearly defined role in the leadership of the project and working with the client’s management team to ensure success. Each of our clients requires advice that is specific to their needs and can be implemented in a way that is tailored to their particular objectives. And, particularly with medium sized entities, Cragus is able and willing to work alongside clients serving as their in-house tax advisor.

We work directly with clients and with our members and correspondents to support them in working with their own clients. Equally, our members and correspondents support us, in some cases directly and in others indirectly, in serving our clients. Our emphasis and approach is to combine our expertise with that of our trusted members and correspondents, each of whom are of high professional reputation and can assist us with their relevant knowledge of doing business in the region and particularly in their jurisdictions.