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The Cragus Group was founded to be, and recognised from the beginning as, the leading independent tax advisor in the GCC. Originally the ‘Group’ was formed with the support of several members, mostly in the GCC, each being a national in their own country, and each of whom was a respected and established professional advisor or lawyer. Together, the members supported a Cragus tax team headquartered in Dubai, assisting us by both bringing clients, and supporting us in the delivery of services. Over the last decade the Group has expanded its coverage both geographically and in terms of its service offerings. The Cragus Group is now a regional network, including the original members, but with the addition of a large number of correspondent firms and trusted individuals. We now serve clients across the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region, and provide a range of business advisory services.

Cragus was founded by a handful of professionals with many relevant years of experience doing business in and related to the MEA region, we share a common understanding of the wide gulf between tax and advisory services being offered by other firms in the region and strategic needs of clients.

Several of our advisors have played an instrumental part in the development of the region’s fiscal and business environment, including advising government authorities and chambers of commerce on such matters as: negotiation of tax treaties and trade and investment agreements; introduction of new laws on tax, foreign investment and competition; and establishment of free trade areas, investment zones and incentives to encourage investment.

The tax and advisory practice is coordinated by a mostly Dubai-based tax leadership team with many years’ experience (including MEA) between them, spanning private practice, industry and government experience. The leadership team co-ordinates with the group members and its network of correspondents across the region, including leading local corporate law firms in the region, some independent local accounting firms, and other specialist individuals, to provide integrated solutions to their clients.