Trade treaty negotiation

Several of the Cragus directors have been face to face negotiators in multiple recent trade treaty negotiations giving Cragus a unique insight into the negotiating styles and strategies of the world’s main trading nations. Dr. Robert Peake and Mr. William Brown were both face to face negotiators for the UAE trade treaty team negotiating Free Trade Agreements and Bilateral Investment treaties between:

  • UAE & Australia
  • UAE & USA
  • GCC & China
  • GCC & EU

In addition to negotiating experience, the directors have particular expertise in Financial Services, Investment, Energy resources and Dispute Resolution. This experience has served them well, not only in negotiations, but also in drafting those chapters in the various free trade agreements.

Trade negotiations and agreements are complex and by their nature require a team of people to set the objectives, develop the strategies to meet those objectives, manage the negotiating process and implement communication effectively and efficiently. The directors have teamed up with a number of experienced and trusted negotiators and advisers over the last decade, to provide optimal solutions to governments both on trade treaty negotiations, and on related issues. This additional experience includes:

  • Strategic counsel to East and Southeast Asian governments on negotiation and implementation of trade and investment agreements with the US and EU.
  • Advice to the government of Japan on the Trans Pacific Partnership free trade agreement.
  • Advice to various governments on the optimal structuring of trade teams.
  • Training members of trade negotiation teams.
  • Negotiation face to face for the US on the US-Singapore free trade agreement.

The Cragus Group are in a unique position to provide a range services to governments undertaking trade treaty negotiations based on direct and recent experience. These trade negotiation services include:

  • Face to face trade negotiations
  • Strategic advice on types of trade treaties
  • Strategic advice in structuring a trade negotiating team
  • Advice on how to conduct trade negotiations
  • Drafting of trade negotiation treaty chapters
  • Training of trade negotiators

The Cragus Group also has extensive experience of negotiating and drafting Double Tax Treaties.